12V Shurflo 2.1GPM Diaphragm Pump, 8007-594-838

Which Pump is Right for You?

February 8, 2018

Diaphragm Pumps

12V Shurflo 2.1GPM Diaphragm Pump, 8007-594-838Diaphragm pumps are self-priming, and electric-, engine- or PTO-driven.

These popular pumps are great for small sprayers, boats and RVs.

Diaphragm pumps are also helpful for specialized chores, like moving water from a pond to a holding tank far away, or to an elevated area. They’re also excellent for produce and tree sprayers.

Here’s how they work: a diaphragm plunges up and down inside a cam system, which develops pressure. That pressure pushes fluid out. The fluid being pumped and the internal pump parts are separated by the diaphragm which adds to the longevity of the diaphragm pump.

PaulB Parts sells heavy-duty Shurflo and Delavan diaphragm pumps.

PSI range: up to 725, GPM range: up to 66

Transfer Pumps

Transfer pumps are handy to have at home, farm or business. They’re essential for keeping buildings and property free from water damage, or as an emergency firefighting water pump.

5.5Hp Honda Pacer Pump With Engine Protector, SE2ULE5HC/PROTKTransfer pumps also can be used to move liquids other than water, such as fertilizer, chemicals, slurry, etc.

When moving liquids other than water, make sure your transfer pump is equipped to do so, along with all its components.

Some transfer pumps are powered by engine or tractor PTO; some need external priming, or a foot valve.

Transfer pump types will vary.

Always read your pump’s manual to ensure your safety.

Piston Pumps

Hypro 'Small Twin' Piston Pump, Hollow Shaft, 5330CHXPiston pumps can be used for spraying, pressure washing, and for hydrostatic testing on pipelines, fuel tanks, boilers, and more. They are self-priming, and can be  engine- or PTO-driven.

With a piston pump, a reciprocating action creates pressure inside a cylinder. That motion, with the use of an inlet and outlet valve, allows the pump to draw liquid in and then force the liquid out through the outlet valve.

Piston pumps available thru PaulB Parts have variable displacement capabilities, with various control functions, a range of pressure capabilities, and different sizes. View PaulB Parts piston pumps.

You’ll want a filter on the suction side of your pump’s source. If anything gets stuck in a check valve, pressure will be compromised and you’ll lessen the output of your pump.

PSI range:  up to 400, GPM range: up to 10

Roller Pumps

PaulB Parts features Hypro brand, 4- to 8-roller pumps, ideal for smaller 3pt or trailers sprayers for applying liquids such as fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides.

7700XL Silver Series XL 7-Roller Pump, 7700XLCertain roller pumps are adaptable to PTO, gasoline, or electric motor drives. These pumps can be self-priming for short distances from the supply but work best with a flooded suction.

These economically priced pumps can also be used for other liquid transfer applications.

Not all pumps are compatible for moving corrosive liquids. Again, read your pump’s manual (and product specifications) to ensure its capabilities and your own safety.

Never use a roller pump for moving flammable fluid or acids.

A roller pump operates by rollers moving freely inside rotor slots, which causes pressure to force fluid out.

PSI range:  up to 300, GPM range: up to 62

Centrifugal Pumps

These pumps are great for applications that require higher flow rates than most other sprayer pump options.  Most centrifugal pumps offer a rugged design for long life and are designed to endure a wide variety of liquids.

Impellers inside centrifugal pumps create pressure to thrust liquids when spinning at a high speed. Most common drive options are tractor PTO or hydraulic motor.

Engine-driven pumps, such as Pacer, are widely used as transfer pumps in farm and construction applications.

PSI range:  up to 120, GPM range: 290

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