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Your Sprayer Should Include Strainers

September 13, 2017

Strainers can keep machines running efficiently and may prolong their performance

Strainers can help minimize clogging when you go to spray your fields. Sometimes a buildup of fertilizers or pesticides can cause scaling or loose particles. And wet-able powders can cause clogging.

If nozzles, or any part of your spray system, get clogged, you’ll have a deficient spray system.

ctabuttomThere are contaminants in water (especially when using recirculated water) or spray solution that can cause a clog.

A clogged sprayer system equals a loss of time and money.

Nozzle strainers are an economical solution to preventing clogs.

Strainer Varieties

PaulB Parts sells nozzle tip strainers in a variety of mesh sizes and materials, from 30 mesh to 200, including TeeJet line strainers for small ag and turf sprayers.

Strainers come in poly, glass-filled poly, and stainless steel.

Protect your lawn and garden sprayers and liquid applicators with a mesh suction strainer.

You want a strainer that provides chemical resistance and matches the maximum psi of your sprayer. (Our sales associate can help you find the right strainer.)ctaimage

(Shop Tee Strainers, Y-Line Strainers, and Suction Strainers.)

Strainer Location

You should use a large strainer on the fill line, and a screen for each section of your boom.

We also recommend you have a screen for your tank.

A pump suction strainer, attached to the pump’s inlet port, will help prevent clogs and help stop particles from entering the system and causing damage.  These can be used on all types of pumps and are especially helpful on sprayer pumps.

Strainer Maintenance

To keep your strainers working efficiently, run clean water through them before you let your machine sit overnight.

Clean the strainers on your sprayer as often as you change tips.

You can find replacement screens, bowls, and gaskets for your strainers at PaulBparts.

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