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Which Spray Nozzles Should I Use?

April 6, 2018

Spray nozzles are one of the least expensive parts of a sprayer, yet their role is crucial in getting the proper pesticide, herbicide, and nutrient application you desire.

Finding the right nozzle tip depends on your desired target and application.spray nozzle, TeeJet nozzle

“Spray tips are available in many styles and materials,” says Bryan Fowler, TeeJet Technologies regional sales manager.

“There are three primary pattern styles: flat fan (tapered and even), cone (hollow and full) and stream.”

For broadcast spraying or overlap spraying, use a flat fan, tapered nozzle. (See TeeJet Broadcast Nozzle Selection Guide.)

For band spraying or spraying without overlap, use a flat fan, even nozzle.

Fowler recommends a hollow cone nozzle or a twin pattern fan for small droplet sizes when spraying contact fungicides or insecticides.

A full cone nozzle will spray a coarser droplet and is often used to spray tobacco, he adds.

If you plan on spraying fertilizer, use stream-pattern spray nozzles to avoid burning the crop. Multi-stream fertilizer nozzles will improve distribution across your sprayer’s boom.

Many nozzles have air induction technology to aid in drift control. Air gets drawn into the body of the nozzle and mixes with the spray solution, which creates a coarser droplet.

A coarser droplet means less drifting.

AIXR11002VP Air Induction Extended Range Flat Fan Tip, Poly - Yellow,AIXR11002VP
TeeJet Air Induction Extended Range Flat Fan Tip, Poly

Air induction nozzles are your nozzle choice for better drift management.

Farmers can find nozzle-type recommendations on most pesticide and herbicide product labels.

There are specialty nozzles for banding, higher pressure and flow rates, and non-agricultural applications.

Consider volume, rate, and environmental conditions (such as humidity and wind) for best application. One type of nozzle will not be best for all applications.

You should have various types and sizes on your boom and switch to the ones most efficient for each application/condition.

How do you choose the right spray nozzle material?

Consider nozzle cost, longevity/durability, and accuracy.

On ag sprayers, all-acetal (poly) construction offers excellent chemical resistance.

It is good practice to use all-poly and poly tips with stainless steel inserts on ag sprayers and these spray nozzles are arguably the most economical.

Industrial sprayers may require hardened stainless steel nozzles.

Lawn care sprayers and those for turf maintenance applications can use poly or stainless steel nozzles.

Ceramic or stainless nozzles are a good choice for more abrasive chemicals.

Just as choosing the proper nozzle type depends on reading labels and proper calibration, choosing the best nozzle material does also.

PaulB Parts offers these free ag sprayer resources to help you determine the right nozzle for your needs. You’ll also get helpful tips on how to save money on spraying, as well as how to use nozzles efficiently.

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