Carlisle 21/32″ “BX” Gold Ribbon Cogged Belt


  • The “Gold Standard” belt
  • Designed for the best grip and highest energy efficiency
  • For high horsepower, torque & higher heat applications
  • Longer-Lasting, more energy efficient than standard belts
  • Made in the USA
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WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -

The industry’s best belt just got better! The unique construction of the Carlisle Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Belt® by Timken combines the superior flexing of precision molded cogs with the tenacious gripping power of raw edge sidewalls to provide higher energy efficiency, increased power ratings and longer belt life. On top of all this, the Gold-Ribbon Cog-Belt is now made of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) for the best heat resistance. These belts are also built to Chek Mate belt tolerances for a matched set and backed by Carlisle Timken’s Iron Clad Guatantee.

Features of Carlisle Gold Ribbon Cogged V-Belts

Here’s a quick overview of the various features and benefits of these advanced v-belts:

  • Reduced rollover and whip on long center distance drives
  • Dampening of vibration during belt operation
  • Precision-molded cogs ensure the perfect match for pulleys or sprockets
  • Maximum flexibility with less bending and enhanced heat dissipation for longer belt life
  • Innovative tie-band design bonds multiple belts together to enable them to function as one unit
  • Ability to absorb heavy shock loads
  • A reinforced band across the top of two or more belts increases stability and prevents the belt from jumping off the drive

Carlisle Gold-Ribbon Cogged v-belts are available in a variety of sizes. Typical applications include pumps, fans, blowers and more.

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