UniPilot Assisted Steering System

FieldPilot lowers fatigue while increasing precision, providing a single user interface for product application, mapping, and autosteer. You can also drive faster and increase productivity while eliminating row variation.

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  • UniPilot Assisted Steering for TeeJet Matrix GPS

    Teejet’s UniPilot auto-steer reduces stress on the operator, and increases productivity. UniPilot’s automated steering system frees you to concentrate on your field applications such as spraying, planting or fertilizer application. The Assisted Steering System can drive faster than you could manually and still maintain precision.

    • UniPilot motor mounts with a single, universal bracket onto the steering column
    • Installation does not require access to the hydraulic system or removal of the steering wheel
    • Has build in Tilt control to give more accurate guidance
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