TeeJet® GPS Lightbar Guidance Systems

Skips and overlaps are common issues that can reduce ag spraying efficiency and increase operating expenses. A reliable GPS guidance system can significantly improve accuracy and offer additional functionality and capabilities. PaulBparts carries TeeJet GPS systems that will have a positive impact on all your spraying projects.

TeeJet’s Centerline® GPS lightbar systems do not cost much more than a good foam marker system and are simple to operate even for beginners. The Matrix™ GPS systems are still well within the affordable range while providing a technologically advanced GPS guidance system that saves significant input costs. We offer all these sprayer GPS systems for sale at competitive prices, and we also provide dependable telephone support to ensure you can get the most out of your equipment.

Give us a call to learn more about how GPS guidance for sprayers can benefit your farming operation. Our specialists are at 717-738-7355 ext.280 to answer your questions and address your concerns. You can also contact us online at your convenience.

Accurate GPS for Spraying Pastures

At PaulB Parts, we carry several TeeJet GPS sprayer guidance systems with options to suit any size of field operation and budget. These systems provide increased accuracy in the field, helping you save time and conserve resources for all your spraying applications. These systems also deliver unique benefits you can take advantage of to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Centerline 220

The TeeJet Centerline 220 is a compact and cost-effective GNSS guidance system that is simple to install and easy to use. This system features an advanced GPS/GLONASS receiver that utilizes more satellite data than standard GPS systems for greater accuracy. If the signal gets weak, ClearPath™ technology engages and boosts GNSS performance to keep you productive.

This GPS sprayer technology makes it easy to stick to parallel lines and follow curved AB guidance with an LED lightbar guidance system and an in-tractor graphic display. Complete systems come with everything you need to get started in minutes, including the console, patch antenna, RAM mount kit, and 12V auxiliary outlet power adapter.

TeeJet Matrix Pro 570GS

With TeeJet Matrix Pro technology, you can take advantage of multiple exclusive innovations designed to help you do the job faster and more efficiently than ever before. The 570GS system includes 5.7-inch full-color touchscreen controls that include RealView® guidance technology — a feature that provides you with multiple readings in one convenient location.

Using a Matrix Pro 570GS, you can create, save and recall custom boundaries and AB lines. You can also designate permanent no-spray zones for added protection and peace of mind. These GPS sprayers connect to your home PC so you can upload, review and save stored data.

We have different antenna options, and upgrades are available that include FieldPilot® auto-steering and UniPilot® assisted steering.

TeeJet Matrix Pro 840GS

The TeeJet MatrixPro 840GS offers simultaneous guidance and mapping coverage over all terrain types. This GPS for spraying pastures has a large, high-resolution, 8.4-inch touchscreen that is bright and backlit for easy viewing during the day or night.

As part of the Matrix line of GPS sprayers, the 840GS also offers easy PC connectivity, custom path creation and the capability to support up to eight cameras for an expansive view. Options you can include to enhance the Matrix Pro 840GS include different pilot controls, droplet-size monitoring equipment and automated boom section controls.

Parts and Accessories for TeeJet GPS Guidance Systems

If you want to upgrade your TeeJet GPS or need to order replacement parts for your GPS sprayer, we have everything you need at competitive pricing. Our GPS sprayer parts selection includes:

  • RealView camera kits
  • Power adapter cables
  • Tilt compensation kits
  • GPS antennas and cables
  • Ram mounts and hardware

Order a TeeJet GPS Today

When you order from PaulB Parts, you’ll connect with a representative who has the experience to help you find products and solutions you can depend on for quality, dependability and performance. Message us today to learn more about TeeJet GPS systems or call 1-844-728-5228 to place an order over the phone.