CropCare Foam Marker Kits

Don’t spray valuable money down the drain. CropCare Foam Marker Kits is an affordable way to define the edge of your sprayed area, so your chemical is used to maximum efficiency. Available in 5 gallon kits or 12 gallon kits for large Ag sprayers, and 2.5 gallon kits for Turf sprayers.

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Foam marker kits are essential for making sure your spraying system remains as precise as possible. Incorporating a foam marker system such as the CropCare® Foam Marker Kit allows you to mark the areas of your field that you’ve already sprayed with a temporary foam coating. This way, the treated areas of your field will be plainly visible, and you won’t have to worry about over-spraying, under-spraying, or wasting chemicals and capital.

At PaulB Parts, we offer two different types of CropCare® Foam Marker Kits — a 2.5-gallon kit and a 5-gallon kit. The 2.5 Gallon Turf Foam Marker features a 1.5-hour foaming time, an 8-ounce sample of foam concentrate, a wiring harness, a hose and a drop tube. This product requires a boom mounting clamp.

The 5 Gallon Foam Marker from CropCare® features 2 hours of foaming time, a right/left toggle switch, an 8-ounce foam concentrate sample, a hose, a wiring harness and drop tubes. This product also requires boom mounting clamps for operation.

If you have questions about product capabilities or compatibility with your tractors, our friendly, knowledgeable customer representatives can give you expert guidance. Contact PaulB Parts today to learn more about these and other products.