ATV & UTV Sprayers

Here at PaulB Parts, we provide farmers with the equipment and parts they need to stay productive and minimize costly downtime. We’re your source for thousands of sprayers and sprayer parts from some of the top manufacturers in the industry.

Looking for an ATV sprayer or UTV sprayer? CropCare’s 12 volt sprayers are built to last under heavy-duty uses, whether our 25-gallon ATV sprayer or 40 & 60-gallon all-terrain sprayers that can be purchased with a 3pt Hitch configuration, Pull-Type, or UTV bed. For larger Ag sprayers visit CropCare’s website.

When you choose us for ATV and UTV sprayers, you’ll have access to exceptional product selection guidance and technical support. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff is always a quick phone call away.

View our inventory of ATV and UTV sprayers right now! If you have questions or need more product information, give us a call at 1-844-728-5228 or contact us online.

CropCare® Farm and Lawn Sprayers for Sale

Our online store is home to a wide selection of CropCare farm and lawn sprayers compatible with virtually any ATV or UTV. These sprayers are the ideal size for maneuvering through crowded spaces quickly to apply water, pesticide, herbicide, crop enhancements or other materials faster and with better efficiency.

If you’re looking for a better way to care for your food plots, orchards, pastures, large gardens, golf courses or other plots, our ATV sprayer tanks help you get the job done. We carry several designs to meet your needs while staying within your budget:

  • ATV sprayers: These heavy-duty sprayers have an ATV-mounted, 25-gallon sprayer tank you can use with your choice of attachments, including a 14-foot spray hose, 12-foot boom or 20-foot boomless system. Our 25-gallon ATV sprayer tank comes equipped with a 3-gallon Shurflo® diaphragm pump and features quality no-drip TeeJet® nozzles and components.
  • ATX sprayers: CropCare ATX sprayers are 60-gallon farm and lawn sprayers you can install in a utility bed or tow behind your ATV, UTV or farm equipment. These ag sprayers for sale have a 12-volt diaphragm pump you can control using a TeeJet 6B manual valve to spray as much as 5 gallons of liquid per minute at pressures up to 70 psi.
  • Spot sprayers: If you want to spray targeted areas with ease and speed, a spot sprayer is a perfect solution. We carry spot spraying systems with a 25– or 40-gallon ATV sprayer tank you can mount fast and operate from the driver’s seat. These sprayers can achieve tank pressures up to 60 psi. Each comes with an adjustable spray gun with TeeJet nozzle.
  • Lawn sprayers: Lawn sprayers are the ideal solution for maintaining expansive lawns, golf courses and similar landscapes. Our lawn sprayers come in sizes appropriate for any size lawn, with options ranging from a 6-gallon, caddy-mounted sprayer to a towable system equipped with a 45-gallon ATV tank. All come with TeeJet spray guns with 15-foot hoses.
  • Liquid applicators: Liquid applicators are specialized farm and lawn sprayers designed to let you spray liquid inoculants and acids using your baler, harvester, bagger or other equipment. We have a 25-gallon system available with your choice of manual or remote pressure regulation controls. Each comes with four different sizes of nozzles.

An Extensive Selection of ATV Sprayer Tank Parts

In addition to the different farm and lawn sprayers we carry, we also have all the parts necessary for keeping yours in top condition. We have parts compatible with virtually all ag spraying systems, whether you’re looking to maintain yours, make repairs or install an upgrade.

If you need assistance, our team has the experience to answer your parts questions and help you find the right products to get the job done or get back to work quickly.

Order a New ATV Sprayer Tank

At PaulB Parts, we have some of the most competitive prices in the industry. If you need help selecting an ATV sprayer tank, send us a message and we’ll help you choose the right one.