Universal Clutches

If it’s time to replace the PTO clutch in your farming equipment, PaulB Parts has the right part at a budget-friendly price. As your go-to supplier for high-quality PTO shafts and components, we carry a full selection of universal PTO clutch products from Weasler Engineering. Weasler has been a leading agricultural drivetrain solutions provider for more than 65 years.

Our inventory consists of friction, overrunning, and ratchet PTO slip clutch models for the Italian and German shaft series. Many are interchangeable with Walterscheid drive shafts. Our knowledgeable product team can assist you in choosing the right part for your shaft assembly.

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Universal PTO Clutch Features

We carry numerous types of Weasler PTO clutches that can be used for virtually any application. Our selection includes:

  • Overrunning: Overrunning clutches reduce reverse torque while your machine is shutting down. They allow for freewheeling in one direction while driving in the other direction. If the driven shaft rotates faster than the driving shaft, this clutch will mechanically disconnect them. Overrunning clutches are typically used in square balers, mowers and tillers.
  • Ratchet: Ratchet clutches have a unique, high-pulsing torque with an automatic reset. The pulsation helps push through blockages when an overload occurs, and you can typically stay seated and reduce your speed while the blockage is cleared. Ratchet clutches are primarily used in round balers, combines and rakes.
  • Friction: Weasler’s patented friction clutches carry torque during overload with an automatic reset. They are the only torque limiters that transmit power continually while overloaded, providing valuable protection while torsional fluctuations are leveled out. These clutches are indispensable to many applications and are most often found in square balers, rotary mowers and rotary tillers.

Each type of PTO clutch is available in various sizes and connection types, including spring lock and double-clamp. All of the clutches have spline bores for equal load distribution. Many of the Weasler PTO clutches we carry seamlessly interchange with Walterscheid and Bandioli & Pavesi powertrain systems for maximum flexibility and versatility.

Universal PTO Clutch Benefits

The primary benefit of Weasler universal PTO clutches is that they offer reliable torque overload protection for a wide range of applications. They help keep you safe when your implement clogs with roots, rocks, stumps or other terrain hazards.

They also reduce the amount of damage your implement incurs when blockages happen, and they allow you to quickly resume torque transfer once the obstruction has been cleared from the implement. Because they help the machine withstand and process clogs so effectively, they save you valuable time that would otherwise be spent troubleshooting equipment problems.

Weasler universal PTO clutches perform efficiently with minimal maintenance required. They offer durable, long-term performance for increased productivity on the job. These clutches are also constructed to resist wear and tear, corrosion and tampering for exceptionally safe performance.

Weasler PTO clutches are the ideal choice for balancing your machine’s power so you can complete your tasks faster and with greater efficiency.

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