PTO Tractor Yokes

When you need a reliable source for tractor accessories, PaulB Parts has everything you need to outfit your farm equipment and optimize functionality. We only carry parts from the world’s most trusted manufacturers, and our selection of Weasler tractor yokes demonstrates our commitment to quality. Browse our tractor yoke products below to find the right yoke replacement or upgrade for your machine.

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High-Performance Tractor Yokes for All Your PTO Attachments and Applications

At PaulB Parts, we’re committed to providing our customers with industry-leading components. We offer a wide range of power takeoff tractor yokes from Weasler, with North American, German and Italian styles available for purchase directly from our site. Tractor yokes play a critical role in transferring energy from your tractor’s power source to various implements.

Since there are so many different tractors on the market, our inventory includes tractor yoke models that vary in spline count, yoke type and manufacturer series, among other features. Many of our PTO tractor yoke options are interchangeable with products from other manufacturers, including Walterscheid and Bondioli & Pavesi.

Weasler is an industry leader in designing yokes with innovative features that maximize function as well as operator safety. Many of their designs include provisions such as tamper-resistance, overload protection and minimized heat generation to provide greater productivity and resistance to damage. Additionally, safety measures such as shear pin systems are stringently tested for consistent performance.

With a high-quality tractor yoke, you can keep working longer and more effectively while having the confidence of knowing that your components will work as intended.

Find the Right PTO Tractor Yoke Components From PaulB Parts

If it’s time for a tractor yoke replacement, we can help connect you with the right Weasler yoke for your machine. We’ve helped thousands of customers decide on the right PTO accessories for their tractor’s make and model thanks to our knowledgeable customer service representatives. Our team members are specially trained and ready to provide high-level support whenever you have questions about a product or its capabilities.

We stock the following Weasler tractor yoke series to fit a variety of products:

  • Weasler Italian Series: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8
  • Weasler German Series: 1, 220, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2380, 2400 and 2500
  • Weasler North American Series: 4, 6, 12, 14, 35, 44 and 55

Our splined tractor yokes are available in six-spline, 20-spline and 21-spline varieties. The yoke types available from Weasler include push pin, ball shear and side collar.

Browse our variety of PTO tractor yokes above and order your tractor yoke replacement parts with our convenient online purchasing process.

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