PTO Shafting (Inner Tube)

At PaulB Parts, we supply customers like you with American, Italian and German PTO shafting products from the world’s most trusted manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for replacement parts for one tractor or inner and outer tubes for all of your farming vehicles, we have the quantity and variety necessary to meet all of your needs.

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Weasler PTO Shafting Products

When you need premium shafting products for your farm equipment, you can count on PaulB Parts to connect you with the right tools and equipment for the job. We have an extensive selection of power takeoff shafts and tubes that can accommodate most types of farm vehicles. Since PTO shafting is the structure that transfers power from the engine to an external implement such as a sprayer or mower, it’s crucial that your shafting system remains in good working order at all times.

Maintaining the health of your farm equipment requires the immediate replacement of parts like PTO shafts and inner tubes that get damaged or too worn down. Failure to do so can result in damage to your farm equipment and possibly even physical harm to the equipment operators. That’s why PaulB Parts makes it easy for you to find the proper PTO shafting for your farm equipment by offering a wide range of high-quality solutions.

PTO Inner Tube Shafts From Weasler

PaulB Parts provides farming customers with many different Weasler PTO shafting products to choose from. We offer inner tube shafts from Weasler that deliver maximum durability and functionality. Choose from PTO shaft inner tube options that vary in length, shape and diameter — we have virtually every type of inner tube shaft available. Let our knowledgeable customer representatives know if you have any questions about our products’ capabilities.

We currently feature PTO inner shafts with a wide array of lengths and diameters. We also have inner shafts available with 15 and 20-spline options.

PTO Outer Tubes From Weasler

Keeping your shafting components in good working condition is critical for preventing personal injury and damage to your machinery. At PaulB Parts, we offer top-quality shafting solutions for farm vehicles and similar machinery — and our customer care team will go the extra mile to ensure that you’re able to order the right product for your needs.

In addition to inner shafts, we offer Weasler PTO outer tubes. Our PTO outer tube products include:

  • Weasler PTO Outer Tube Metric Series #2, Inner Tube #3
  • Weasler PTO Outer Tube Metric #6 Series, Inner Tube #8 Series

For more information about product specifications and capabilities, reach out to our team today or browse our PTO shafting products above.

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When you need a dependable source for your farm vehicle replacement parts, you can always count on PaulB Parts to supply you with premium shafting products and much more. For advice on which products are best suited for your particular farm equipment needs, contact the professionals at PaulB Parts today for expert guidance.