PTO Shaft (Inner) Weld Yokes

When you need a reliable source for your farming machinery replacement parts, PaulB Parts has you covered. We offer a wide variety of parts, kits and assemblies from the world’s most trusted manufacturers, including durable PTO shaft weld yokes at an affordable price point.

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The Benefits of Quality PTO Shaft Weld Yokes

At PaulB Parts, we make sure that farmers and industrial equipment operators alike have access to the best power takeoff products on the market, such as our selection of Weasler PTO shaft weld yokes. Our shaft weld yoke inventory includes models, sizes and capabilities that are often interchangeable with other manufacturers’ models.

Yokes are important components of every farm vehicle because they hold the bearings in place. Shaft, or inner, weld yokes fit the interior shaft of the PTO line, where they play a central role in transferring power to external implements such as agricultural sprayers. We offer a diverse range of PTO shaft weld yokes, each varying in diameter and thickness.

Since this yoke requires welding for proper attachment — and the weld must be free of porosity, undercut or other issues so as not to create a shear point — selecting a yoke made with premium components is crucial. Weasler PTO components use only quality materials for a clean weld and a long service life. Their solid attachment will ensure both the operator’s safety and the effectiveness of the drive shaft.

With a properly secured tube yoke, your PTO shaft will offer smooth operation and minimum vibration, allowing you to use virtually any PTO attachment to the best of its capability.

Find the Right Weasler PTO Shaft Weld Yoke for Your Equipment

Between our comprehensive selection and knowledgeable customer service team, finding the right yoke for your driveline shaft has never been more convenient — check out our line of Weasler weld yokes below.

Our PTO shaft weld yoke inventory includes:

  • Weasler PTO Domestic 6 Series products
  • Weasler PTO Metric #220, #2100, #2200, #2300, #2400 and #2500 Series products
  • Weasler PTO Metric #1—8 Series products
  • Weasler PTO Series 55 Shaft Weld Yoke
  • Weasler PTO Domestic Series 55 products
  • Weasler PTO Domestic Series 44 products
  • Weasler PTO Domestic Series 35 products
  • Weasler PTO Domestic Series 14 products
  • Weasler PTO Domestic Series 12 products

Most of our Weasler product series are available with varying options for sizing, shaft shape and other features. At PaulB Parts, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you to the right PTO shaft accessories as you replace or upgrade old parts. If you’re wondering whether a particular Weasler shaft weld yoke is right for your farming equipment, reach out to one of our team members to discuss the best options for your machine.

Contact PaulB Parts Today to Order Your PTO Shaft Weld Yokes

Whether you’re looking to repair or upgrade an old machine, PaulB Parts has the components you need in our convenient online store. Browse our collection of PTO shaft weld yokes today and reach out to our customer service team with any questions. Help is just a phone call away.