PTO Roll Pins

At PaulB Parts, we’re dedicated to providing customers like you with the high-quality equipment you need to maintain your farming equipment’s safety and functionality all year long. We offer a wide range of products, such as our Weasler roll pins, that are durable, long-lasting and — most importantly — designed with your safety in mind.

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PTO Shaft Roll Pin Options

PaulB Parts offers several different options for customers who want to purchase PTO shaft roll pins for their farm vehicles and other equipment. Roll pins, also known as spring pins, are hollow, slit tubes designed to secure two or more elements of a machine to one another, and are available in multiple configurations. At PaulB Parts, we offer four different types of roll pins from Weasler, some of which are interchangeable with Bondioli and Walterscheid components.

Roll pins provide an easy way to connect different parts of a machine when there isn’t space for nuts and bolts. The primary feature of a roll pin is the narrow slit running along its length. This groove gives the pin the flexibility to contract so it can fit into holes slightly smaller than its at-rest diameter — the tension of the compressed material will then keep the pin in place and the parts secure.

Properly functioning roll pins tailored to the size of your machinery are crucial for the functionality and safety of your equipment. If you aren’t sure if any of our products listed above will be compatible with your farm machinery, simply reach out to one of our dedicated team members for expert guidance on choosing the right parts for your equipment.

PTO Roll Pins From Weasler

At PaulB Parts, we only offer products from the world’s most trusted manufacturers. Our collection of Weasler PTO roll pins ranges from sizes of 8 millimeters in diameter to 12 millimeters in diameter. You can purchase the following Weasler roll pins from our online store:

  • Weasler PTO Roll Pin- Metric #1 Series: This roll pin series features an 8-millimeter diameter and a 50-millimeter length. It interchanges with Bondioli products.
  • Weasler PTO Roll Pin- Metric #2, #3 & #4 Series: These series of Weasler roll pins feature an 8-millimeter diameter and a 60-millimeter length and interchange with Bondioli.
  • Weasler PTO Roll Pin- Metric #5 & #2400 Series: These series of roll pins have a 10-millimeter diameter and a 75-millimeter length. They’re also interchangeable with Bondioli and Walterscheid.
  • Weasler PTO Roll Pin- Metric #6 & #8 Series: These series of Weasler pins feature a 12-millimeter diameter and an 80-millimeter length. They’re compatible with Bondioli products.

If you have any questions about the features or capabilities of any of our products, we’re always here to provide assistance.

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