PTO Implement Yokes

Do you need to replace a worn or broken yoke in your PTO shaft assembly? PaulB Parts is your fully stocked source for PTO implement yokes you can trust with your ag equipment. We carry a broad assortment of Weasler yokes for the North American, Italian and German series. Choose from hundreds of parts and multiple spline count options. Our customer service team is available to assist you with product selection and to provide reliable technical support.

Check out our PTO implement yoke inventory and order online today. If you have questions or need more information, call us at 1-844-728-5228 or contact us online.

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PTO Implement Yoke Features

An implement yoke is an essential component of your PTO shaft that allows you to connect your tractor to your implement. Choosing the right PTO implement yoke depends on your equipment specifications. At PaulB Parts, we carry a vast selection of Weasler PTO implement yokes in a wide range of sizes and styles with special features to accommodate virtually any PTO implement.

A properly functioning implement yoke is crucial to your equipment’s health and operators’ safety. If your implement yoke is damaged, worn or otherwise dysfunctional, it poses a major risk to efficiency and safety. That’s why we maintain an extensive inventory of Weasler PTO implement yokes so that whenever you need a replacement part, you can rely on PaulB Parts to have the solutions you need.

When you search our inventory, you’ll find implement yokes with round bores, keyways and set screw or shear pin connections for easy operation. We also have Weasler PTO implement yokes with spline or hex bores that offer exceptional torque capabilities. You’ll also find clamp-style implement yokes that provide powerful and secure connections.

There are options for all North American and Metric series, many of which are also interchangeable with Walterscheid and Bondioli & Pavesi system parts. With this high level of compatibility, you are sure to find the parts that meet your specific needs.

Benefits of PTO Implement Yokes

There are many benefits to choosing Weasler PTO implement yokes, including:

  • Easy to use: With their quick disconnects, Weasler PTO implement yokes make it easy to attach and detach implements quickly and securely.
  • Durable: Weasler PTO implement yokes are durably constructed for reliable performance and can withstand the harsh conditions of large farming applications.
  • Longevity: Weasler PTO implement yokes are built to last and provide peak operation consistently over the course of their long lifespan.
  • Safe: These implement yokes provide strong connections between the implement and the rest of the shaft, so you can rest assured that your implement will be operated safely.

Why Work With PaulB Parts?

When you shop at PaulB Parts, you’ll find PTO parts for all your farm vehicle and equipment needs. We carry PTO implement yokes by Weasler, an industry-leading driveline parts manufacturer. Their high-quality parts provide the superior performance you can rely on for your farming applications.

Our selection of Weasler PTO implement yokes includes products compatible with many different equipment series and systems for maximum versatility. We sell them at competitive prices so you can get the parts you need for a great value. We also provide attentive service so you receive the assistance you need at every step of the process. We can guide you in your product selection, and we provide support during and after the sale.

Buy Your PTO Implement Yokes Today

Whatever your PTO system requirements, you can count on PaulB Parts to have the right parts that will help you get the job done efficiently and with the best results. Contact us today to learn more about our options.