PTO Half-Shaft Assemblies

At PaulB Parts, we strive to ensure that our customers have access to the best farm equipment assemblies and replacement parts on the market. We only fill our inventory with products from trusted brands like Weasler, so you know you’re getting a good deal on high-quality farm equipment parts. Our collection of PTO half shaft assemblies offers variety and versatility, and our team of experts is here to connect you with the right parts for the job.

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Find the Right PTO Half Shaft Assembly

When it’s time to replace a half shaft assembly, PaulB Parts is your one-stop shop for all of your farm vehicle and equipment needs. We offer a wide selection of half shaft assemblies from the Weasler North American Series that can accommodate various vehicle configurations. Our PTO half shaft options range from full yoke + tube + sleeve assemblies to simple yoke + shaft assemblies, and our packages can accommodate multiple driveline lengths.

Maintaining your driveshaft components is critical for both your safety and the health of your machines. That’s why at PaulB Parts, we carry a wide array of PTO half shaft parts that will fit most farm vehicles. If you ever have a question about your farm equipment’s compatibility with products from Weasler or any other manufacturer, reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team for guidance.

Yoke and PTO Shaft Assemblies

We offer Weasler yoke and shaft assemblies that can accommodate a wide range of farm vehicle sizes and configurations. Our Weasler yoke and PTO shaft assemblies come in square and rectangular shaft options with centerline to end-of-shaft lengths.

Yoke and Tube Assemblies

We also stock a variety of Weasler yoke and tube assemblies that offer long-lasting functionality. All of our yoke and tube assemblies are available in various square and rectangular IDs and come with multiple options for driveline lengths as well as selections that include sleeves.

Types of PTO Half Shaft Assemblies

At PaulB Parts, our mission is to equip our customers with the high-quality tools that fit their farming equipment perfectly. We offer various PTO half shaft assemblies to accommodate the following drivelines:

48-inch Driveline

Our inventory includes the following options for 48-inch driveline vehicles:

  • Weasler 55 Series products
  • Weasler 44 Series products
  • Weasler 35 Series products
  • Weasler 14 Series products
  • Weasler 12 Series products
  • Weasler 6 Series products

60-inch Driveline

We offer the following Weasler options for 60-inch driveline vehicles:

  • Weasler 44 Series products
  • Weasler 35 Series products
  • Weasler 14 Series products
  • Weasler 12 Series products

Contact PaulB Parts to Order Your PTO Shaft Assembly Today

If you’re in search of the right PTO half shaft assembly to upgrade or replace your farm vehicle’s aging parts, browse our selection of top-quality Weasler products above. Whether you’re looking to replace a single PTO half shaft assembly or you’re buying assemblies in bulk, PaulB Parts has the solution for you. Contact us today if you have any questions about product specifications, capabilities or compatibility with your current farm vehicles.