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Are you looking for a reliable source for PTO driveline parts? At PaulB Parts, we carry everything you need to maximize the performance of your tractors and implements. We fully stock our 60,000-square-foot fulfillment center with a wide assortment of PTO shaft components and parts from the top manufacturers in the industry. Our extensive inventory allows us to offer these products at competitive prices.

When you browse our PTO tractor parts selection, you’ll find everything from yokes and shafts to drivelines and roll pins. If you’re having trouble deciding which products will work best with your equipment, just let us know.  Our knowledgeable team is available to point you in the right direction.

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What Is a PTO Shaft?

In tractors, the PTO (Power Take-Off) drive shaft is one of your machine’s most important parts. Tractor PTO shafts transfer power from the engine to the implement towed behind the machine.

PTO drive shafts are complete assemblies that consist of five major components:

How Do PTO Shafts Work?

Many pieces of ag equipment lack independent power, which is where tractor PTO shafts come in.

Power Take-Off shafts have connections at each end that attach to your tractor and machinery. Tractor PTO shafts operate using simple switches and can rotate between 540 and 1,000 RPMs, depending on the equipment. When engaged, the shaft pulls power and torque from the tractor transmission to deliver the right amount of power to your implements, letting you get to work.

PTO shafts vary in size, and you need to find one that matches the coupling on the equipment you want to tow. Connecting your implement to your tractor should be easy. If you have to lift your equipment off the ground to connect the shaft or have a shaft that is too long, forcing the connection could damage both. If you have your existing PTO shaft handy, it’s easy to confirm your length. Close it and measure from PTO yoke to yoke.

Reliable Tractor PTO Shaft Assemblies and Replacement Parts

At PaulB Parts, we have the parts and components you need to keep your PTO driveline in excellent condition. We also have complete new assemblies in multiple sizes to fit your applications. Our inventory is massive and includes:

  • Tractor PTO shafts: If you’re looking for a full assembly, we have you covered. We carry a large selection of North American-designed and Italian-designed PTO driveshafts with the length and spline configurations you need.
  • CV PTO assembliesCV (Constant Velocity) PTO shafts work with most tractors and implements. These products balance the tractor power input and shaft output to deliver more stability when engaged.
  • Cross and bearing kits: Cross and bearing kits are the universal joints that form your PTO drive shaft system’s core. This part is the distribution point for power from your PTO assembly to your connected equipment.
  • Half-shaft assemblies: We have a wide variety of 48-inch and 60-inch Weasler half-shaft Power Take-Off assemblies. Center and end-of-shaft length assemblies are available in both square and rectangular design options.
  • Additional components: If your PTO shaft parts start to show signs of wear, save money on a new assembly with individual component replacement. We have tons of new guards and guard bearings, inner and outer tubes, yokes, pins and universal clutches.

Find the PTO Parts You Need

PaulB Parts is your online ag parts superstore, and home to a wide selection of competitively-priced PTO drive shafts and parts. Our staff also has the technical know-how to understand your requirements and determine the right option for the make and model of tractor you drive. Send us a message today to let us know how we can help.