Carlisle V-Belts

V-belts are power transmission belts that deliver force from your tractor’s engine to its ancillary components. Given the importance of this part to the efficient operation of your machine, taking shortcuts on quality is not a viable option. A worn belt can break at any time, which could put you way behind schedule.

PaulB Parts is your source for Timken Carlisle belts you can trust with your ag equipment. These heavy-duty industrial v-belts are purpose-built to handle your most demanding applications. Our inventory consists of Carlisle belt stalwarts such as the Super II, the Super Blue Ribbon and the Gold Ribbon. We offer each of these items at competitive prices to fit any budget.

Buy v-belts online safely and securely right here at our user-friendly website. If you have questions or need product selection assistance, give our knowledgeable customer service representatives a call at 1-844-728-5228 or contact us online.

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How Do V-Belts Work?

Industrial v-belts have a trapezoidal or “V” shape that gives them their name. V-belts are power transmission belts that are used in a variety of industries and applications, including mining, energy generation, and food & beverage. V-Belts are used to connect your power source with multiple supporting components, including:

  • HVAC systems
  • Industrial machinery
  • Power equipment
  • Agricultural systems

Why Install a New V-Belt?

Properly functioning v-belts are essential for optimal operation and have a direct impact on performance. These industrial belts are designed for heavy-duty use and are made from durable materials.

Through normal use, v-belts wear down and can even rot over time. If your belt tears, critical components within your machinery could fail and knock your equipment out of commission until you install a suitable replacement.

The Advantages of Carlisle Belts

Carlisle belts are made in the U.S. by Timken, a manufacturer with a history dating back over 120 years. They use innovative designs, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce a line of industrial v-belts trusted across the globe.

These belts are all made to withstand demanding operating conditions and deliver excellent advantages when you’re out in the field. Our lineup includes:

  • Super Blue Ribbon®: Carlisle Super Blue Ribbon power transmission belts are compatible with classical drives and available in AP, BP, CP, DP and EP cross-sections. These belts are heat- and oil-resistant to resist flex fatigue and withstand long hours of operation. With this series, you also get a long operational life to reduce the amount of time you spend maintaining your equipment.
  • Super II®: Super II belts are high-performance agricultural belts resistant to glazing and hardening in -50°F to 250°F environments. These products have a unique formula that helps them deliver improved energy efficiency and are laboratory-tested to last up to 1,000 operating hours longer than classic wrapped industrial v-belts. Super II agricultural belts come in A-R, B-R and C-R cross-sections.
  • Gold Ribbon® Cog-Belt®: The Gold Ribbon Cog-Belt is an energy-saving solution with a unique design that delivers a competitive advantage. These Carlisle belts have precision-molded cogs that provide excellent grip and raw-edge sidewalls that contribute to efficient engine processes. These belts come in AX, BX, CX and DX cross-sections. They are resistant to heat, hardening and glazing and are static-conductive.

Get Help Ordering Carlisle Belts

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