Camera Observation Systems

Whether you’re in the field or at a job site, maximum visibility is vital. PaulB Parts offers a variety of CabCam camera systems for sale that will have a positive impact on your worksite performance and safety.

Give yourself the extra set of eyes that can help increase productivity and help keep everyone safe. These CabCam camera observation systems can help improve visibility that will assist in eliminating blind spots and monitor various applications. Wired and wireless CabCam systems include touchscreen monitors, easy-to-mount cameras and other essential components. They come in multiple sizes, enabling you to find a custom solution that works for your business.

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Our Cab Camera Observation Systems for Sale

We carry several CabCam observation systems, including:

  • 3.5-inch touch screen systemThis system includes a 3.5-inch touch screen monitor that can be used with all wired camera systems. The kit also includes a wiring harness, power adapter, AV conversion cable, 20-foot waterproof video cable, sun shield and license plate color camera.
  • 7-inch camera systemThis wired system includes a 7-inch LCD screen and remote control. The infrared color camera is durably constructed to withstand dusty, wet and rough conditions. It is easy to mount with a ball-swivel mounting bracket, and it provides exceptional wide-angle night vision so you can work safely and efficiently. This kit comes complete with 20-foot and 65-foot weatherproof video cables, a 13-pin wiring harness, power adapters, conversion cables and all other essentials.
  • 9-inch dual-camera systemThis system features two weatherproof color cameras for superior visibility. The 9-inch quad touch screen displays four unique views simultaneously so you can see more with better quality. When you touch one of the four displayed camera views, it changes to a full-screen view. The kit also includes two 20-foot weatherproof video cables, a remote control, mounting brackets, adapters, cables and all other parts required for installation.

Benefits of Cab Camera Observation Systems for Tractors

CabCam observation systems offer unique benefits for farm tractors, including:

  • Improved safety: These monitor cameras allow you to see around your bulky machine in wet, dark and other challenging conditions, reducing the risk of accidents caused by lack of visibility.
  • Save time: With the ability to see all viewing angles of behind, above and beside your tractor, you have clearer views of your surroundings, allowing you to work faster with greater precision.
  • Seasonal efficiency: Whatever the season, these cameras offer the versatile performance you need. During spring, use your camera to monitor seed tank levels and ensure even planting. In summer, monitor your silage bailer or running forager. During the fall, the camera helps ensure you are harvesting even rows, and in winter, you can attach the camera to forklifts and other machinery for more efficient loading.
  • Cost-effectiveness: These cameras help you get more done in less time to save you money on fuel and other operational costs. Because they give you a better view of your machine components, you can also spot problems sooner and address them before they develop into major issues.
  • Easy-to-use solution: These camera systems come with everything you need to set up the system, including versatile mounting brackets and adapter cables. Once you set them up, they are easy to use with simple touch screen monitoring.

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If you are looking for a camera observation system for your tractor or other agricultural equipment, our CabCam options are an excellent choice. With their advanced features and capabilities, these camera systems improve your operations for significant time and cost savings.

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