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Metal, Ceramic, or Poly Spray Nozzle?

July 17, 2017

When choosing which sprayer tip to buy, material matters

You can save time and money if you choose the right TeeJet spray nozzle. The material of that nozzle tip makes a difference.

image nozzle sprayer tips PaulB PartsWhen buying sprayer tips, think about cost, durability, and accuracy.

Metal Ceramic, OR Poly Tip Spray Nozzles

Sprayer tips can be made of aluminum, brass, polypropylene, hardened stainless steel, stainless steel, or a combination of ceramic with stainless steel insert. (Shop Sprayers and Sprayer Parts)

The manufacturer of your field sprayer or applicator should have recommendations on best nozzle choice per application. Following are some general guidelines regarding spray nozzle material.

The most popular spray nozzles for general agricultural applications are made of all poly, poly with an insert made of stainless steel, or ceramic.

These tips are likely the most economical because of low cost and high durability.

Nozzles made of aluminum and brass can be used in lawn, turf, and gardening applications but are not the best choice for durability because they are made of soft metals. These nozzle tips will wear more easily than nozzles made of all poly, stainless steel, or ceramic.

Poly offers excellent chemical resistance.

Intended Sprayer Use

If you spray less than 100 acres, say, three times a year, then the soft metal nozzles are a fine choice. It is more accurate to consider hours of use, rather than the years of installment on your sprayer.

If you spray more frequently and at high pressures, you want a nozzle with higher resistance, such as a poly, stainless steel, or ceramic nozzle.

Poly nozzles are inexpensive and are color-coded, a helpful feature.

When you need to change or replace spray tips in the field, color coding helps speed that process and enables you to easily check if rates are synced along the boom.

Nozzles for Abrasive Chemicals

If you spray a liquid fertilizer at high volume, use a stainless nozzle.

For vegetable production, consider using a stainless or ceramic nozzle as those will be more durable for the abrasive products being applied.

For industrial applications, nozzles made of hardened steel will be the best choice. Durability is the most important concern for that type of use.

Find more information about nozzle choice for safe, adequate coverage.

Whatever the nozzle material, all sprayer tips should be calibrated yearly for best performance.

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