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Which Layflat Hose is Right For You?

August 15, 2017

Layflat hose is ideal for agricultural and construction use because it’s flexible and it rolls flat. It offers functionality, easy setup and easy storage.

Layflat Hose Applications

Lay flat hose works great for drip irrigation applications and water discharge applications that are temporary. It’s not to be buried underground.

image lay flat hose linkHose that lays flat can be repaired easily in the field or on site, if necessary. You can easily slide a barbed hose fitting into the cut end of flat lay hose and secure it with a hose clamp. Simply cut the hose, slide the barbed end into the hose,  and tighten the hose clamp.

Bonus: PaulB Parts sells flat lay hose by the foot, so you can order exactly what you need.

Friction Loss

To find the right layflat hose, consider its purpose and any friction loss that might occur.

The distance the water must travel, the diameter of the hose, the material of the hose, and the desired gallons per minute will impact how much friction occurs.

Friction loss could impact the gallons per minute and the pounds per square inch that your pump provides.

Also, keep in mind that any incline in the terrain may require additional head pressure.

You can use this online friction loss calculator, but your pump’s manufacturer will likely provide you with more accurate information on finding the proper discharge hose.  Our sales associates are always happy to help.

Flat Lay Hose Colors

PaulB Parts sells red lay flat hose and blue flat lay hose.

The red hose is a PVC heavy-duty water discharge hose. The blue hose is a PVC all-purpose, drip irrigation hose.

Colors typically indicate the pressure rating of the hose.  Blue=80 PSI max WP rating, red=150 PSI max WP rating.

Blue Layflat Hose

The blue lay-flat premium hose at PaulB Parts is ideal for use as a drip irrigation supply line. Its smooth tube provides low friction loss. The blue lay flat is PaulB Parts most popular flatlay hose because of its attractive price point. It covers a lot of applications, and it’s manufactured in the United States.

Its flexibility is another reason it’s ideal for drip irrigation supply. A  full 300-foot roll can take up less storage space than a 100-foot roll of PVC or rubber  (EPDM) hose.

red lay flat dischrage hose imagePaulB Parts blue flat lay discharge hose can be easily punched without tearing when used for drip irrigation. It’s an economical choice in lay flat hose for use on the farm.

It also has ultraviolet inhibitors that reduce cracks and weather checking.

Red Layflat Hose

PaulB Parts red lay flat hose can be used for general irrigation and as a supply line for drip irrigation for produce farmers., but it is ideal for construction and/or mining sites where heavy equipment might be used…mainly for dewatering (moving water from one spot of another).

PaulB Parts red lay flat hose is constructed of PVC reinforced synthetic fiber with a cover that is UV resistant.

You can browse flatlay discharge hoses, pressure hoses, EPDM hoses now; or shop online for transfer pumps.





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