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Determining Your PTO Series

March 2, 2017

The PTO shaft plays the crucial role of transferring power from your tractor to an attached implement. The parts of a PTO shaft consist of the internal and external PTO yoke, universal joint, safety chain and safety shield. Several different types of PTO shafts are available, so it’s essential to choose the right one for your equipment and applications.

PaulB Parts offers three different types of PTO shafts: North AmericanGerman and Italian. Each style includes several series options consisting of multiple choices for bearing diameter, cap-to-cap overall length and snap rings. The most accurate way to determine the correct series is to measure the outside diameter of the bearing cap and the U-joint from one end of the cap to the other. The location of the snap ring is another determining factor.

How to Measure the Parts of Your PTO Shaft

Properly measuring the parts of your shaft is crucial to choosing the correct PTO series size. Each piece needs to be measured in a specific way to align with the standardized sizing. Follow these steps to ensure you get the correct measurements and order parts that work with your tractor.

1. Measure the Shaft

To measure your shaft, you should first make sure it is in the closed position, when the shaft is the smallest it can be. Using a measuring tape, record the length from the outside of each yoke. This measurement is the closed length. Use this measurement to find the correct series size for the horsepower of your tractor.

Make sure you also know whether you have a shear pin, clutch or splined implement end.

2. Measure the Universal Joint

When you measure your universal joint, measure the length from one outer end to the other. You will also need to record the width of one end of the universal joint. Use these numbers to find the right size of a universal joint.

3. Put It All Together

You will need both of the measurements listed above to find PTO shaft parts that fit your tractor properly and function well. You can use a PTO yoke size chart to get the right sizes or use our handy PTO Series Discovery Tool.

Choose PaulB Parts for Your PTO Shaft Needs

PaulB Parts is a trusted brand that offers quality parts at reasonable prices. Our experienced staff members are always just a phone call away. Our associates are willing to answer any questions you may have to ensure you can get the right products to meet your needs.

Check out our PTO Series Discovery Tool below to find the right size based on your PTO shaft measurements.

You can browse our PTO selection online today or contact an associate via our website.

PTO Series Discovery Tool

Determine your North American, Italian, or German PTO series.

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To use this tool, begin by selecting the image that represents your shaft/tube style and then follow the rest of the prompts.

North American Style

Italian Style

German Style

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